“In The Origins of European Thought, Richard Onians explains that “opportunity” comes from the Latin porta, which is an “entrance” or “passage through.” The word is associated with doors and entranceways (portal, porch, portico), and an opportunus, then, is what offers an opening, or what stands before an opening, ready to go through. For the Romans, a porta fenestella was a special opening that allowed Fortune for enter. The Greek root is poros, which is a passageway for ships but also any passageway, including one through the skin, that is a pore. Poroi are all the passages that allow fluids to flow in and out of the body. A pore, a portal, a doorway, a nick in time, a gap in the screen, a looseness in the weave–these are all opportunities in the ancient sense.”

Source: Trickster Makes This World: How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture by Lewis Hyde

Posted by:Elsa

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