“#SHEvotes subverted the tradition of tightly controlled election campaigning. With just one week to go to until polling day, we put an open call-out to the creative community for content. We provided an insight (young women are one of the least likely demographics to vote), a unifying hashtag (#SHEvotes) and full creative freedom. There was no client, no budget and no agency for this open-sourced campaign.


We hope that in addition to inspiring young women to use their voices, #SHEvotes strengthens the case for open-sourced creative campaigning that’s more like movement-building and less like Malcolm Tucker. #SHEvotes surfaced the extraordinary passion and generosity of people working in the creative industries and has taught us that it’s never too late to mobilise that to try and make a difference.”

Source: Rewriting the rules of election campaigning via Creative Review

Head over to Creative Review to read other insights from #SHEVotes open-sourced campaign’s co-founder Ella Saltmarshe (along with Iris Andrews and Fanny Calder) on the work that went into this “emergency election hack’ and the results it generated.


Posted by:Elsa

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